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         centerfire composite stocks

   Roberts Tactical Precision has recently begun manufacturing composite stocks for centerfire rifles. All of our stocks are designed and manufactured in-house using the same hand lay techniques. We use epoxy resins throughout on all of our composite stocks using a closed mold high pressure bladder technique. Shells can be constructed utilizing a combination of aircraft grade fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar, or a combination of laminates depending on weight requirements. Fill weights can be controlled for both weight and strength requirements. Fill material is made from epoxy resins and the addition of various fill materials such as fiberglass strands, carbon fiber chop, Kevlar pulp, or graphite chops and powders to increase strength in the action area, and lighter fills to reduce weight in non structural areas. 

   RTAC has the ability to work directly with the consumer to design a custom stock, taking an idea from concept to full production. Contact us to inquire about our custom stock design options.